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What Is Passion Tube Profits About?

Inside Passion Tube Profits, I show you an easy way of utilizing Youtube and taking advantage by generating a passive income doing it.

You can be generating a monthly income while also making daily commissions online, through my own custom affiliate marketing strategies which are evergreen.  

I share secrets, and over the shoulder's strategies which have been used building the success of my own Youtube channel in the past 4 years.  

You will be able to create a sustainable business with a minimal budget and without any monthly fees.

I show them the easy way route and the budget friendly route. 

Everything based in this training course is a replica of what I use in my business today which can be easily implemented with any niche possible.
Why is Passion Tube Profits So Great? 
I'm going to be showing you the right way to build and brand a youtube channel based on any Passion you may have. If you don't then i'll show you how you will pick a niche for you to build your business from zero.  No monthly fees.

This is definitely the right path right path in creating your first Youtube Channel which will bring you a sustainable income in the long run.    

Setting up is very easy, and I'm taking you by the  hand showing you my exact blueprint and formula on how I generate a passive income online using just Youtube.

I show you how to tie everything together,  brand , and create your own unique content, without even the need to put your face on video.     The course is unique because i'm sharing everything i'm doing in my day to day online business.

 It's meant for people who are on a minimal budget and don't have a lot to spend, or scared to spend.  It's also created for the advanced user who will spend using my strategies and tools.

There are golden nuggets inside the training where  it's not found elsewhere.  

I also share secrets in our industry that people invest a lot of money to get that information.  I'm very transparent and i'm not hiding anything.  My whole blueprint is in your hands.

Here is what you get inside Passion Tube Profits
Module 1
Internet Marketing On Youtube 
In This Module you'll discover: 
  • Proof of Income and My Story and your Mindset
  • Who I am And What I Have Achieved
  • Intro Overview
  • Word of Warning
  • Copy My Template
  • How To Track 
  • How to Find Keywords
Module 2
Setting Up You Cachmachine
In This Module you'll discover: 
  • How You Will Be Making Money
  • How To Find Things To Promote Using Clickbank
  • Getting A Domain For Your Offer Or Product
  • Creating Your First Youtube Channel
  • How To Create Your Channel Art With One Tool
  • How To Create A Video From Scratch 
  • Verifying Your Domain
  • Finding More Offers From Other Networks
  • The Whole Process In 3 Minutes
  • A Final Word
Module 3
Branding Your Channel
In This Module you'll discover: 
  • How To Add A Watermark For Branding Purposes 
  • How To Edit and Add Thumbnails
  • Setting Up Titles, Descriptions
  • Setting Up Your Playlists Properly
  • Your Description Boxes
Module 4
Google Analytics 
In This Module you'll discover: 
  • How to Set Up Your Google Analytics and generate an income through Youtube Monetization
Module 5
List Building
In This Module you'll discover: 
  • Building Your Subscriber List 
Module 6
Google Ads
In This Module you'll discover: 
  • How To Create Your First Google Ad
Module 7
Video Mastery 101
In This Module you'll discover: 
  • How To Create and Edit Videos
Copy My Campaigns
In This Module you'll discover: 
  • Copy My Campaigns from Real Case Studies
Private Inner Circle
In This Module you'll discover: 
  • Get Access To All My Training Courses And My Personal Time through The Private Group I'll Be helping you on your path to your success.
  • Free Monthly Live Training Only in Private Inner Circle FB Group
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