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Do these problems sound familiar? we understand. we have the answers so you can have a business and a life you can love again!

  • Ever feel like you are managing your business instead of growing it?

  • Ever feel like you are chasing results, but not altering your behavior?

  • Ever feel like you have no one to turn to that truly understands, cares for, and believes in you and your business?

  • Ever feel like you lack a true purpose, vision, and goal for your business and life?  

In this Webinar, You’ll learn:

  • How to become intentional to obtain the results you seek

  • Why you need to stop managing results and focus on building winning habits

  • The power of proximity  

  • The only way you will be truly comfortable is getting uncomfortable

Leadership in the insurance industry is needed now more than ever. And leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less. Agents of Growth (AOG) is an agency leadership and development program made for insurance agents, by insurance agents. This faculty-based platform allows members to have access to 4 different certified coaches and trainers dedicated to the industry through live teaching, mentoring, and Q&A. The programs main development curriculum areas are Leadership and Integrity, Sales and Production, Communication and Relationships, and Mindset and Attitude. Simply stated, AOG provides purposeful and inspiring business growth for insurance professionals!

Katie Goswitz
Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin
Brent Kelly works with insurance agents to successfully expand their business scope. With his assistance, you will not only develop effective leadership strategies to help build lasting relationships, you will also cultivate skills that are necessary for long-term growth and development.
George Nordhaus
Chairman, Agencies Online
It isn’t often where we see an experienced insurance agent deciding to devote his life to helping other agents receive the kind of training that he received in his first years in insurance. Brent Kelly has turned that practical education into a mission that gives him the opportunity to share his passion and knowledge with others. In addition to crystallizing the theories of insurance production and management, Brent has a unique ability to communicate…an attribute not often found in today’s fast-moving millennial-based society.  
Brent Kelly
Brent Kelly is a keynote speaker and coach. He has shared the stage with leadership experts John Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, and Seth Godin. After a successful insurance career where he was named one of the top 12 young agents in the country in 2012, today Brent is focused on helping agents maximize their own potential though world-class communication, personal development, and leadership influence.
Jamie Persse

Jamie has spent the better part of his professional career in the field of Insurance and Risk Management. He is the former owner of 3 successful agencies, as well as having served in senior level positions with Regional and National companies. As a seasoned insurance business owner and Executive, Jamie has harnessed his 30 years of leadership study and experience toward the development of people and organizations. As a Consultant, Executive
Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Speaker, Jamie offers training, workshops, and coaching dedicated to helping individuals and companies reach their desired goals.

Pablo Troncoso 
Having lived in three different continents by the age of 7, Pablo learned to adapt, connect and work with people of diverse backgrounds at an early age. His proudest moments include his inspirational failures and recoveries over the past 10 years in the insurance and financial industries. Pablo, in his twenties ran a million dollar mortgage company leading up to the market collapse of 2008, and for the last four years has become a highly successful independent life and retirement agent. The story in that time gap is one of limiting beliefs and growth. Building an insurance leadership community with fellow John Maxwell Team members has been his most spirited project that will greatly impact an industry ready for inspired growth His passion to encourage, add value, and help people realize and grow into their potential has been the cornerstone of his purpose.
Steve Bellman

When I’m at my best, I provide Trustworthy Mentoring that guides insurance pro’s out of the most dangerous place you can be in – Your Comfort Zone. Without trustworthy guidance, you’ll experience the number one problem facing insurance agencies – declining sales, disloyal customers, and an underdeveloped staff. As a successful and trustworthy insurance sales and sales management professional with over 25 years of experience, I can deliver Trusted Guidance that will help you chart a new course to increased sales and staff development so you can experience inspiring growth and success in your career, business and life.

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